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Second Bedroom

White Flower



The second bedroom has a closet on the left, as you enter the room. In it you will find a laundry hamper, an ironing board, a play pen, a luggage rack, updated coat hangers, and an extra set of bed sheets, mattress protector and blanket.

This room features a cozy new King bed with brand new mattress, duvet and linens.

There are two large windows facing North, which is the interior/courtyard of our complex. 


There's a matching dresser and night stands as well as newer glass style updated lamps.

There is USB ports on both nightstands, as well as new art on the walls.

You'll find a mirror behind the door, perfect to use for a girl's weekend! 

Mounted above the dresser is a brand new 55" smart tv.

Townhouse secondary bedroom
Second bedroom 1.jpg
Second bedroom 2.jpg

Exit the room and continue back down the hall, turn right and walk back down the staircase. You will enter back into the spacious Kitchen.

Townhouse secondary bedroom
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