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Meet Rod and Romana Van Lissum

White Flower

Rod and Romana met in Maple Ridge, BC when they were 19 and married in 1991, having their daughter a year later.

In the summer of 2007, they were invited by family to spend the weekend in a cabin at Big White. Driving around the Okanagan, they headed towards Oliver to visit some local wineries. Instead of backtracking, they continued through Osoyoos and bummed around this adorable little town. As they headed back to the cabin, they stopped to marvel at the view from the look-out point on Anarchist Mountain, falling in love with this little gem of a town. That was the point they knew they would return one day.

Three years later in 2010, Rod and Romana purchased their first RV and headed to NK MIP RV Campground for the long weekend. They were hooked! They returned every summer, extending their visit every few years.

They still drive the same RV, but now they tow their vehicle behind on a car hauler and continue to visit the same campground ten years later, staying lakeside for three long luxurious weeks! A few years earlier, friends were vacationing at Casa Del Mila Oro and the Van Lissums  instantly fell in love with the complex.

During their Osoyoos summer vacation in 2019, they took a drive down Lakeshore Drive and noticed a house for sale on the lake. Rod had the crazy idea of “just looking into the market and seeing what was for sale.” They contacted  local realtor, Alina Lovin, picked her brain on vacation rental information, and before they drove home after their three weeks, they were the proud owners of unit #210 in Casa Del Mila Oro Resort, in Osoyoos BC!


The Van Lissum's  have a couple sets of friends who own townhouses in the complex. While staying at the condo, their     visits with their friends always starts & ends  with drinking wine and marveling at the view of the lake from the  cozy patio.

Rod and Romana were thrilled to have the opportunity    to purchase unit #119, on December  1, 2021 !


Rod and Romana Van Lissum

Rod and Romana love the view of the lake and enjoy spending time at their condo, unit #210.


In December 2021, they purchased townhouse #119 so they can continue to make many more memories with their family and friends and having the extra space to do so.


They like to share their  vacation homes with you so that you can make your own wonderful memories!

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