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Our Rules & Policies

Quiet Time is 11 Pm - 7 AM.

Minimum age of primary renter - 25 years or older.

Maximum occupancy - 

CONDO #210-
NO MORE than 6 people permitted:

4 adults max OR 2 adults w/ 4 children (13 years or younger)


TOWNHOUSE #119- NO MORE than 8 people permitted.

Snowbirds- are a maximum of 2 people.

Check-in time-     4 Pm
Check-out time
10 AM townhouse #119
11 AM condo #210

Please be respectful of the check-out time.
Summer is a very busy time and there is almost always someone checking in the same day you will be leaving.
Our cleaner will be arriving at the check-out time to clean and change the door code for the next guest.

Occupants of the unit are responsible at all times for the conduct of all of his/her guests. Maximum occupancy per unit shall be limited to the approved number of persons at the time of the reservation.

TWO SMALL PETS MAX is permitted on approval only. Please confirm during time of booking.

This is a $100 + $5 GST non-refundable fee for first pet, $50 + $2.50 GST for second pet 

= Non-refundable $157.50 for two small pets.


WIFI- You will find the network name and password taped to the back of the front door.



White Flower
Casa Del Mila Oro Resort in Osoyoss

An Inventory of the contents of both units have been made. The contents should not be lent out or exchanged as each unit is individually owned. You will be charged for articles that are not accounted for or have been reported broken after you depart.

SMOKING of any sort is NOT PERMITTED (including, but not limited, to e-cigarettes & cannabis) on the resort or in any parts of our units, including the patio/balconies. Smoking is permitted off site in front of the retaining walls to either side of the resort entry. There are buckets provided for cigarette butts, so please be respectful and use them.

Do not put stakes in our common greenspace in front of the towhouses. You may damage our irrigation system.

House Manual- You will find a house manual on the table. Please take a look through it. There is valuable information regarding our house rules, how to use the appliances, what to do in Osoyoos and a whole lot more. 

Wildfires/Forest Fires, Smoke Policy:

Our vacation homes are in the south Okanagan region where wildfires/forest fires and smoke in BC during the wildfire season are common. Please keep this in mind when booking our vacation homes while travelling with babies, young children, seniors, persons with asthma and/or medical conditions which can be irritated due to fires and smoke.

If you decide to cancel your booking before the 30 day cancellation policy, you are entitled to 100% refund.

If you decide to cancel during the 50% or 100% non-cancellation period and it is because of forest fires/wildfires and smoke, it would be in your best interest to have some type of cancellation and interruption insurance because our policy does not cover smoke and wildfires/forest fires unless the government deems the area an emergency evacuation area.

Owner Occupancy:


It is agreed that the vacation rental unit will be only occupied for the sole purpose of being utilized as vacation or travel accommodations. Use for any other purpose is explicitly prohibited. Accordingly, both the landlord and guest acknowledge that the Residential Tenancy Act of BC does not apply to the terms of this agreement or any addendum, changes, or additions to these terms. Since the vacation rental will be utilized only for vacation or travel accommodations, the landlord and guest agree that the Residency Tenancy Act of BC is not the appropriate organization to settle any disputes arising from this agreement. The owner has the right to occupancy immediately after the specified end date.



A brand new geothermal heat pump was installed summer of 2022, however we cannot guarantee air conditioning or appliances, as the unit normally has a guest leaving the same day that a guest checks in and we cannot always control the condition of the unit. If you have a problem, we will do our best to have the malfunction repaired as soon as possible. There are no refunds in the event of a failure.

Families Only:


Our vacation homes are designed for family use only. If a house party develops, all vacationers will be asked to leave immediately without refund. This is an important policy that will be enforced without exception.
No more than the number of guests registered are allowed to sleep in our vacation home.
No loud music at any time.

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