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Exit the room and continue down the hall. You'll walk past a closet on your right where you'll find a vacuum, broom, dust pan, swiffer and steam cleaner.

Inside the closet is also a smaller, lockable cabinet which holds our supplies,  for our cleaner to put out between guests.

As you keep walking, you will enter the spacious Kitchen.

Second Bedroom

White Flower



The second bedroom has double bunk beds (double on top and double on bottom) with brand new comfortable mattresses, each bed is rated for 300 lbs. This bed is brand new.


There's a large dresser with 3 drawers to hold clothes. There's a large plastic bin with lid under the bottom bunk to store more clothing or items if needed.

Both bunks have a shelf mounted to use as a night table to hold a cell phone, book or glass of water. You will find a small reading light on the shelf.

You will notice a large mirror on the right. 


The top bunk has a 24” smart tv and the bottom bunk has a 32" smart tv on a swivel mount. Each guest can watch a movie or sync their cell phone to broadcast whatever is on their screen.

Little Paradise Vacation Condo Side Tabl
Bunks 4.jpg
Little Paradise Vacation Condo Brand new
Little Paradise Vacation Condo Bunk Bed'
Little Paradise Vacation Condo Dresser
Little Paradise Vacation Condo hallway.j
Skylight in second bedroom
18. Little Paradise Vacation Condo hallw

Skylight cover keeps the heat and brightness down in the room.

White Flower
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