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Bunk Bed Room

White Flower



Past the main bathroom on your right, you'll enter this bedroom which has a set of brand new bunk beds, double on the bottom and double on top with brand new mattresses and linens.

Under the bottom bunk are two pull-out drawers which can hold clothing. 

There is a shelf mounted for the top and bottom bunk to use as a night table to hold a cell phone, book or glass of water. 


The top bunk has a USB port, reading light and 24" smart tv on a swivel mount.
The bottom bunk has a USB port, lamp and 32" smart tv. 
Each guest will be able to watch a movie or sync their cell phone to broadcast whatever is on their screen.

A full-length mirror is mounted beside the door, perfect to use for a girl's weekend! 

There is a coat hook mounted to the wall behind the door, for guests to hang random clothing.

Instead of a ladder, we have opted to add stairs which we find are easier and safer for our guests to use. On the side of the stairs is storage, housing some games, Archie Comics, books, and extra bedsheets, mattress protectors and blankets.

Townhouse Bunk beds
Townhouse Bunk Beds
Townhouse Bunk beds
Townhouse bunk beds
White Flower
bunks 2.jpg
bunks 3.jpg

We added a cabinet in the bunk room for our guests to house their personal items.

Storage cabinet in bunk room
Storage cabinet in bunk room

Exit the room and turn left and you will enter the Main Bathroom.

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