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From the condo....

As you exit back out the door from where you entered, you'll come out onto the second floor exterior walkway.

There are two sets of stairs leading down on either end. Since we're located in the middle of the building, it's unusual if any neighbors walk past our door!

Looking directly across the parking lot, you'll have a breathtaking, picturesque view of a vineyard along the mountainside. 

   East End of
Complex Exterior

White Flower
Facing the East.jpg
Morning time.jpg
Good morning!.jpg

As you turn to the right, you'll see the townhouses which stand along the south side of our complex, Casa Del Mila Oro Resort. 

Walk down one of the two stairways and walk towards the townhouses. If you stay to the left between the fence and #120 townhouse, this is a short cut to Casa Del Mila Oro Resort's private 300' beach!

From our doorway, it'll take you only a couple of minutes to walk there.

But before you walk to the beach, turn around and this is the view of the Santa Fe style east building you just walked out of.

The west building is at the entrance of Casa Del Mila Oro Resort as you enter from Lakeshore Drive.


At the left corner of the building, you'll find the recycling bins behind the storage area.

East Building at Casa Del Mila Oro

Turn around and walk back in the direction from where you came from, to the end of the townhouses which will be on your right.

Exterior of townhouses

If you continue around the building, you will see the back-side view of the condo's patio side at Casa Del Mila Oro, looking out over the courtyard where the pool and hot tub are located.


Straight ahead at the end of the parking lot, you'll see the storage area for household garbage.

Now, let's go to Casa Del Mila Oro Resort's private 300' Osoyoos Lake and beach access!

Turn right at the last townhouse and walk down the pathway. 

You'll walk down the length of the townhouses, past the grassy common area in front of the units.

Walk across the street and you will end up at the beach.

47. Little Paradise Vacation Condo view

 Turn around and head back down the path

(townhouses will be on your left now) towards

the condo.

White Flower
46. Little Paradise Vacation Condo walkw

Turn to your right and you will see our

townhouse #119,  two townhouses in.

Casa Del Mila Oro Resort
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