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We have provided you with hand soap, garbage bags, trash bags, Kleenex, paper towels, liquid dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and even laundry soap and dryer sheets. There's random condiments in the fridge, spices in the cupboard and the spice rack.


To ensure you get settled in and have a great start to your stay with us, we have provided an initial supply of toilet paper along with a few extra rolls in the stand-up toilet paper holder or under the sink. These may not be enough for your entire stay and you may need to purchase additional supplies. 
We are not a hotel-style service with hotel-style provisions and services (as we do not have maid service) therefore, additional supplies are the responsibility of the guest.


Your rental unit has been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival and it will be cleaned after your departure. If it has not been cleaned to your satisfaction, please text Romana 778-688-1723 or Rod 778-688-6805. 
Over-usage cleaning fees will be additionally charged if necessary.

Spring & Fall Cleaning is done two times a year to clean cobwebs, clean the BBQ, check light bulbs, change batteries in the door lock, vacuum between the couch cushions, clean walls, do any other repairs, etc.

It is done by Romana and Rod:
1. Just before snowbirds move in, in October. 
2. Just after snowbirds leave, in April. 


Supplies & Cleaning

White Flower

*** If there is anything we can do to make sure you have a 5* experience in one of our vacation homes, please contact Romana anytime at 778-688-1723 or Rod at 778-688-6805.

White Flower
Cleaning Materials
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